A thumbnail is the image of a video that Youtube shows in the search results. Picking the right thumbnail can have a postive effect on the amount of views of your video. And that is why you always want to select the thumbnail yourself.

So the next question is? How do you upload a thumbnail to a Youtube video?

Follow us in this step-to-step to turtorial:

  1. Verify your channel. This will take up to a few seconds. If you do not know how to verify your channel read the instructions here.
  2. Making the perfect thumbnail can be done with several different apps. A well known free app is Canva.com. The app helps you select the perfect thumbnail.
  3. Make sure you pick a thumbnail which is very interesting for your viewers. Think about what the viewer would like to see when clicking your video.
  4. Then, when selected your thumbnail, log into your Youtube account. Click on Creator Studio > Video Management > Video’s. Select the right video and click Edit > Custom Thumbnail.
  5. Select your the thumbnail you just made and add it to the video.

And that is how you add the perfect thumbnail to your Youtube video. Interested in more tutorials? Click here!