What is our ‘Middleman Service’?

We like to provide our visitors with a secure feeling on our website. Especially when it comes to selling Youtube accounts or other products.

That is why we came up with the Middleman Service. This service works as following:

  • When you as a seller found a buyer for your Youtube account., you deliver your account and sale details to us. These account/sale details can be emailed to: Middleman@youtube-accounts.com. *
  • When a buyer is interested we will take care of the sale conditions and make sure the buyer pays in a legal way.
  • The buyer pays the amount of the sale to the seller. *
  • When the payment is transfered we will give the account details to the buyer.

*Sale details: All the info about the account and sale as negotiated between the two parties. The exact price for the account.Whenever there is extra info about a sale, this needs to be written down to.

* Buyer/seller details: Youtube account names and both full names of the parties need to be mentioned in the email. Also the e-mail adress of the PayPall account that is going to be used for transfering the fee to us.

In this way both parties are protected and get what belongs tot hem.

We provide this service against a little fee which will definetly make your selling and buying expierence easier.



Price Middleman service

Cat 1: Youtube channel value  < €150,- = €5,-

Cat 2: Youtube channel value  > €150,- = 5% from the value

Cat 3: Youtube channel value > €300,- = 4% from the value

Cat 4: Youtube channel value  > €500,- = 3.5% from the value


Terms and Conditions Middleman Service.

  • When a trade is being cancelled before  or after handing over the account details to Youtube-accounts.com, the service will be free of charge or will be refunded to your account.
  • When the trade is being cancelled after transfering the account detail to the new owner. The service fee will not be refunded.
  • When the service fee is paid as ‘’Goods and Services’’ at PayPall, the costs will increase with $0,3/€0,3 when refunding.
  • Both parties must have an account on the forum of Youtube-accounts.com
  • All the delivered details in the service request must be correct.
  • The trade is completed when the seller has received the full amount and the buyer owns the account details.
  • All the personal information will not be shared with third parties unless there is commited a scam.
  • When the seller and the buyer are involved in a conflict regarding the sell, Youtube-accounts.com will act as neutral party and will try to solve it. Youtube-accounts.com can not be held responsible for any loss or damage.
  • When the trade is completed Youtube-accounts.com can not be held responsible for any further events.
  • By using our Middleman Service you accept these Terms and conditions.



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