Our forum is accessible for anyone who has an interest in Youtube. On our website you can find tons of info, tutorials and forum topics.
But next to that, we also make it possible to sell and buy Youtube accounts, likes, comments and subscribers. So for the people who would like to know more about how that part of our concept works, here is a clear explanation.

As a buyer:
As a buyer at you can buy various channels. You can find these ‘For Sale’ Channels at the category: Offers. When you found something to your liking you can simply contact the seller of this channel.

Are you searching for something specific, or are you interested in buying more accounts in once? Then you can also ad an advertisement in the category: Wanted!. If you need any help with making this add you can read this tutorial on how to make a ‘Youtube channel ad’.
When there are any sellers for your specific request, they can easily contact you.

Closed a deal?

As soon as you talked with the seller about a fair price you can continu with your deal. You pay the seller and the seller transfers his/her channel to your ownership.

As a seller:

Selling your Youtube channel?
As a seller on you can offer your channels easily.This is done by going to the category: Offers. In this category you can make a topic in where you show your channel details to your potential buyers. For the right help and more clicks on your ad you can read this tutorial.

Closed a deal?

When a buyer is interested in your offer you can close a deal. It is very simple, you make sure you both agree on the price, then you both agree on how the payment is going to be done. When those things are done you as the seller have to make sure that the buyer is getting the ownership of the Youtube channe. Click here for a tutorial on how to l tranfer a channel to a new owner.

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